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Innovative Films & Membranes

LiSO is specialized in premium and niche film products: i) Ion-Conductive, Selective Films (IC&SF), ii) Sorbent Membranes (SBM), and iii) UltraHigh Barrier Films (UBF)...More 
LiSO Films' eco-friendly, multi-functional and layered product technologies deliver unique solutions to the industry. Our innovations are driven by markets, renewables and sustainability, to help our clients innovate and sustain their products...More
LiSO Films (LiSO) is an R&D and service firm for breakthrough plastic films and products. We develop and commercialize the most innovative, high-performance films, membranes and their manufacture technologies for use in energy storage and harvesting; packaging; labeling and printing; filtration and separation; and electronics.    

Products & Technologies

LiSO retains a portfolio of U.S. patents, covering a broad range of products and technologies that deliver long-lasting impacts not only on existing but also emerging markets...More

  • Nano- & Microporous Plastics Films
  • Biobased and High Temperature Battery 
  • Sorbent Membranes
  • Active and Smart Packaging
  • Upcycling of Plastic Waste
  • US 9,694,344; US 10,363,564; and 
     US 2018/0043656
We look for business partners for IP licensing and commercialization, and invite our stakeholders to a developmental project. 
EXPLORE untapped opportunities with us.  

Technology R&D and Service Areas

LiSO provides clients services, with long-standing experiences in solving challenges, developing products, and processing polymeric materials.
  • Product Development (R&D)
  • Technical Consulting
  • Intellectual Properties (IPs) 

We offer IP services to our clients of contract R&D, in order to help them implement, timely and cost effectively, the patenting process...More